The „flameproof“ Ex d distribution cabinets type R3002 and R3004 can be used in Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21 and Zone 22. They are used for:

  • Eletrical motor drivers
  • Lighting control
  • Electric power distributing and control
  • Electric power measuring and control
  • Technological process control
  • Enclosure in sheet steel
  • 5 basic enclosure sizes
  • Enclosures can be combined (modular system)
  • Available as empty enclosures or as completely fitted and wired control and distribution units
  • Cable entries available: direct - cable glands, indirect - via Ex e enclosure multiwire bushing, conductor insulator

A distribution cabinets type R3002 and R3004 is made of steel with Exd flameproof protection type. Closing of the cabinet is of threded type and is protected against opening by lock switch, so that it can be openend only when it is not under voltage. The units is protected against corosion by its painting inside and outside. Ex d steel enclosures (type R3002 and R3004) and Ex e sheet steel enclosures (type R3003, R3005, R3006) can be used as single enclosures and combinations. The dimensions of the enclosures are so designed that they can be combined into a large modular unit. A large number of components, such as contactors, switches, instruments and PLCs can be built into these enclosures. Naturally, customer-supplied equipment can also be incorporated into the layout. The equipment layout is designed by us to customer's requirements. Cable entry is either direct (cable glands or conduit entries) or indirect via an Ex e enclosures type R3003, R3005, R3006.

The "flameproof" type protection 'Ex d' is based on the principle that electrical components which may cause sparks or arcing in normal operation (switches, contactors etc.) are in an enclosure constructed so that it will contain an explosion of flammable gas or vapour and will not permit ignition of a surrounding explosive atmosphere. Further, the temperature of the outside surface of the enclosures must not exceed the prescribed temperature limit for the appropriate temperature class. That means, the heat loss from the components fitted must not exceed a specified value.

Apparatus category: I M2 II 2GD
Marking of explosion-protection: Ex de I/IIC T5/T6 Gb Mb Ex tb IIIC Db
Degree of protection (IP Code): IP 66 category 1
Certificate: EXA 14 ATEX 0050X
Data sheet: DS R3002-R3006
User manual: UM R3002-R3006

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