Explosion protected grounding and grounding control device type GGCD-01/.., intended for the permanent removal of electrostatic charge that may occur during filling or emptying tanks (road tracks, railcar tanks, barrels). The system provides the conditions for starting the production process only if the insured continuity control loop earthling resistance and jaw of clamp for grounding.Explosion protected grounding and grounding control device type GGCD-01/.. together with clamp make active grounding system for static grounding and permanent monitoring is intended for use in places with an explosive gas and dust atmosphere. The GGCD is designed for use in the industrial areas and facilities, indoor and outdoor spaces.

Enclosure: polyester plastic reinforced with glass fiber, color - black
Cover: with integrated Thermoplastic elastomer gasket, closes with four M6 stainless steel screws.

Apparatus category:


Marking of explosion-protection:

Ex e d mb [ib] IIC T5 Gb

Degree of protection (IP Code):

IP 66


CESI 11 ATEX 041

Data sheet: DS GGCD
User manual: UM GGCD

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