The bulkhead light fitting type 0403.24 is intended for use in places with an explosive gas and dust atmosphere, in mines susceptible to firedamp. The light fitting is designed for use in the industrial areas and facilities, indoor and outdoor spaces.

Housing: 0403.24/10, /11, /12 aluminium powder painted casting, 0403.24/20 cast iron
Diffuser: borosilicate glass protected with steel gird
Apparatus category: II 2G / I M2
Marking of explosion-protection: Ex e d IIC T2-T3 / Ex e d I
Enviroment temperature: -30°C < Ta > +60°C
Degree of protection (IP Code): IP 54 category 1
Certificate: CESI 08 ATEX 017X
Data sheet: DS 0403.24
User manual: UM 0403.24

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