Explosion protected junction boxes RK 01/… are intended for carrying and distributing electrical power in places with an explosive gas and dust atmosphere. The junction box is designed for use in the industrial areas and facilities, indoor and outdoor spaces.
The junction box RK 01/… are fitted with pillar (mantle) terminals or terminal blocks for cable up to 6mm2. For cable with armored cable there are junction boxes available with internal metal plate and external earthing terminal.

Enclosure: PA glass fiber reinforced polyamide, color - black
Cover: PA glass fiber reinforced polyamide with integrated thermoplastic elastomer gasket, closes with four M5 stainless steel screws.

Apparatus category: II 2GD
Marking of explosion-protection: Ex e II T6 Ex ia/ib IIC T6 Ex tD A21 T80°C
Degree of protection (IP Code): IP 66
Certificate: CESI 10 ATEX 040
Data sheet: DS RK
User manual: UM RK

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