SKX 12 - SKX 20

Explosion protected control units type SKX12 – SKX20, alone or in various combinations of merged set (combination) are intended for the control, distribution and signaling in the power circles in places with an explosive gas and dust atmosphere. Control units are designed for use in the industrial areas and facilities, indoor and outdoor spaces.
Hazardous areas 1, 2, 21, 22.
Enclosure: polyester plastic reinforced with glass fiber, color - black
Cover: with integrated Thermoplastic elastomer gasket, closes with four M5 stainless steel screws.
Due to the four available sizes and the modular design, the devices can be used for almost every application. Built-in components, actuators and indicator components can be mounted in or on Ex e enclosures or combination of merged enclosures. Possible combinations and schedules built-in components, actuators and indicator components is determined by the certification documentation. Control units usually aren't wired.

Apparatus category: II 2GD
Marking of explosion-protection:
Ex e IIC, Ex de IIC, Ex de mb ia/ib IIC Gb Ex t IIIC T80°C Db
Degree of protection (IP Code): IP 66 category 1
Certificate: CESI 12 ATEX 017X EXA 13 ATEX 0029
Data sheet: DS SKX 12-20
User manual: UM SKX 12-20 US SKX 16-20

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